New Products 2021

Introducing our brand new heavyweights….

We’re absolutely delighted to introduce you to our new offerings. We’ve worked hard with our incredible suppliers, to bring you two brand new wines and, in an expansion to our range, our first whisky.

In the red corner, we have Rioja Santiago which is produced by the second oldest winery in La Rioja. By way of emphasis, this 150 year old winery, is one of only three wineries in the world that is permitted to use the word ‘Rioja’ on the label. Rioja Santiago is carefully aged in American oak barrels for 24 months followed by 12 months in bottle before release.  The result is an intense ruby red wine with a long and pleasant finish.

In the white corner, we bring you the Caracara Reserve Sauvignon Blanc. Produced by one of Chile’s leading wineries, Vina Luis Felipe Edwards, this expertly blended wine is made from premium grapes grown in Chile’s Valle Central. A dry and crisp white wine this is an elegant and well balanced wine.

For the knockout though, we recommend Forest Whisky, Blend Number 8. An exceptional blend made in small batches by husband and wife team, Lindsay & Karl Bond, at their distillery in Macclesfield. The 8th batch is made entirely of malt whiskies finished in 50 year old, second-fill Oloroso sherry casks for 12 months before being bottled. Only 450 bottles of this blend were ever produced, so catch it while you can. The whisky comes in a beautiful bottle finished (real!) gold and designed by Papercuts artist Georgia Lowe. 

As always, every product we sell has been carefully selected to offer excellent value and to continue our quest to find restaurant quality wines and spirits for you to enjoy at home.

New Year, New Decade, New Products!

As we usher in a new year (and the start of a new decade!) we thought we’d take this opportunity to update our offerings. 

Having worked extensively with our incredible suppliers, we are delighted to offer 6 new wines. Each wine has been carefully selected to offer excellent value and to continue our quest to find restaurant quality wines for you to enjoy at home.

So whether you blush over rose (in which case we recommend the Re Paolo Primitivo Rose Salento and Ca Montebelo Pinot Nero Rosato), wonder about whites (give the Pecking Order Chenin Blanc a try) or rave reds (in which case you’ll be spoilt for choice between the Sentina Merlot, Pecking Order Merlot or Araia Valpolicella Superiore) we have the wine for you.

We also have a fantastic new gin botanicals tin from our friends at the Spice Kitchen. This gorgeous gift tin comes wrapped in a stunning handmade silk sari and contains 7 of the finest quality whole spices including coriander seeds, rose petals, juniper berries, citrus peel, pink peppercorns and star anise. Perfect for garnishing your drinks, creating infusions and cordials or even for making your own gin! Alternatively, you can check out our gin offerings to make a fantastic gift for the gin lover in your life.

New Products Launched!

At Charles Rose we work hard to bring you top quality wines at fantastic prices and, even if we do say so, we’ve done it again!

We are extremely proud to announce a whole range of fantastic new products. Please allow us to introduce you to them…

Oro Gin


Created at the Distillery at Dalton in Dumfries and Galloway, this premium Scottish gin combines classical gin botanicals (such as juniper, coriander, orris root, lemon and orange peels) with more unusual additions such as cassia bark, malabar cardamom, pink peppercorns and lemongrass. There’s also one other secret signature botanical, which despite extensive testing – we are yet to discern – still, no harm in continuing to try to figure it out!

Plus, we’re not the only ones to fall in love with this wonderful gin; it recently qualified as a finalist for London Dry Gin of the Year and Best Newcomer at the Scottish Gin awards 2018. The winners will be announced in September 2018.

Roos Estate

Roos Estate wines are famed as great value South African wines. Each wine in the Roos Estate range comes with a unique label reflecting the fact that The Cape has the richest flora on the planet with biodiversity and sustainability at the heart of South African wine production. So good are the wines that rather than choose one or two wines to offer to our fantastic customers, we went with four!

Choose between Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Shiraz.

For more details about these, and our other fantastic wines and spirits, please see our website.

Best Seller Back in Stock!

We love it and so do you it seems!

CantinaZaccagniniTralcettoMontepulcianoDAbruzzo-2000x2000Our best selling wine (by far) – Montepulciano D’Abruzzo is back in stock.

This fantastic wine is produced by Cantina Zaccagnini. Each bottle is carefully tied with a short stick of grape vine (tralcetto) to the neck – which explains why a number of our customers simply refer to it as ‘twig wine’.

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is located on the Adriatic about mid-way down the boot, and the grapes for this wine share that name, too. The wine itself is medium bodied with lots of red cherry fruit and soft supple tannins. The ripeness of the fruit make this the perfect party wine.

Plus at £14.99 per bottle (with free delivery of orders over £75 and up to 12 bottles) it really is a bargain.

Now we know why it’s our best seller.

Cheers for Dads!

With Father’s day fast approaching (18th June this year), we think all Dad’s deserve a special treat this month. So why not treat your super dad to a special bottle of Port this Father’s day. We’ve got everything you might need from ruby, tawny, vintage and even white port – so why not check out our Port guide below.  

Ruby port


Ruby Ports are aged for no more than 3 years in barrels or stainless steel vats and are meant to be drunk young. They are the ideal partner for a cheeseboard or chocolate dessert. They also make fantastic Port wine reductions to complement roast beef or duck.  Try with full flavoured cheeses such as a good farmhouse Cheddar, Red Leicester or gorgonzola. The sweet and full berry flavours of ruby port complement chocolate desserts such as a molten chocolate cake or a chocolate-walnut tart. Alternatively, a rich cherry pie would work brilliantly.

Tawny port


Tawny ports are aged in smaller barrels than ruby ports. This allows the wine to oxidise producing a lighter tawny colour. Tawny port is delicious when matched with a hard, nutty cheese or a pudding such as apple pie, tarte tatin, baked figs or caramel tart. Cheeses such as Parmesan and Manchego complement the naturally nutty flavours of tawny ports. Alternatively, go for any eggy dessert—for which the Portuguese are famous – such as Pastel de nata or a crème brûlée.

Vintage Port


Vintage Port is made from the very best grapes grown in a single year. Vintages are not necessarily declared every year and so a declared vintage port really is something special. Great vintages can be kept for years and even decades before drinking. Vintage port works beautifully with dark chocolate or a really good stilton cheese.

White Port


For those wanting to try something a bit different, white port might just be the ticket. White port is wonderful when served poured over ice or with tonic and pairs well with olives, nuts, gouda and seafood.

To give Dad’s an extra treat we have 10% off all our Ports this June.

What’s more, we offer a range of gift boxing options to really add a touch of luxury. We hand wrap all gifts and can include a personalised gift card. Then we deliver them straight to your door (or your dad’s if that’s easier).

It’s Official! Our Wines are Award Winning!

Brut RoseYou may have seen our recent post about our award winning Forest Gin.

Well it seems our wines have stepped up to the challenge at the 2017 Decanter World Wine Awards too.

Deutz achieved bronze awards with both their Brut Classic and Brut Rose champagnes and our Beronia Reserva 2012 achieved an impressive Silver award.

We’ll toast to that!

Hooray for Chardonnay!

We’ve heard on the grapevine that 25th May 2017 is International Chardonnay Day.

It occurred to us that it seems a shame to celebrate this fantastic grape for only 1 day. So we’ve decided to save celebrate all month with 10% off our Jackson Estate Shelter Belt Chardonnay!

The Jackson Estate vineyards sit on on the Wairau River plains in Marlborough and have been producing fine wines for over 25 years.

The Jackson Estate Shelter Belt Chardonnay is derived from a large shelterbelt of trees which separate the grounds of the Jackson Estate homestead from the vineyard.

This fantastic wine has notes of fresh citrus, lime, fig and faint spice notes which combine with the complex notes of oyster shell and lees driven aromatics.

So, with 10% off until 31/5/17, why not give our Shelter Belt Chardonnay a try this month!

Gin Glorious Gin!


This fantastic gin is family produced and hand distilled in small batches using botanicals sourced from Macclesfield Forest. The gin uses organic grain spirit, organic certified juniper berries and coriander seeds along with wild bilberries, gorse flowers, raspberries and moss. To this magical mix, the spirit is added, before being distilled through a copper condenser. To give the final flourish, pure spring water is added resulting in a flavour packed Premium London Dry Gin.

The gin comes in the most exquisite printed ceramic bottles complete with a one of a kind commissioned design by papercut artist, Suzy Taylor. Not only is the bottle extremely beautiful, the porcelain means that the gin will not be affected by direct sunlight and is better safeguarded against temperature variations.

We’re not the only fans of Forest Gin. In 2016, Forest Gin was awarded an unprecedented TWO separate double-gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirit Awards, confirming this Gin as one of the world’s very finest.

Now enjoy 10% off during April and May.

Wine of the Month: Skinny Prosecco

Yes, you heard us right – Skinny Prosecco!

We all know that too much sugar is bad for us, so when Scott and Thomson announced they were creating a low sugar Prosecco, we couldn’t wait to give it a try. The results are in and this is no gimmick.

The average bottle of champagne contains between 12 and 32g of sugar per litre. Prosecco contains between 12 and 15g per litre. This Skinny Prosecco has just around 7g. That’s around 67 calories per 100ml glass – less than a large egg!

But there’s more – This a DOC prosecco produced from 100% Glera grapes. It is also Certified Organic and Certified Vegan.

And it’s not just us – the media has been going crazy for Skinny Prosecco – don’t believe us, check out these articles:

So, with 10% off until 31.3.17, why not give Skinny Prosecco a try this month!

Magnificent Gifts for Marvellous Mums

With Mother’s Day fast approaching – It’s the 26th March 2017 in case you were wondering – we thought we’d let you know that we have a range of magnificent gifts for truly marvellous mums.

Here are our top tips for Mother’s Day 2017.

Mionetto Sergio Prosecco or Mionetto Sergio Rose


Whether you opt for the White or the Rose, mums everywhere are bound to love these superb sparkling wines from the Veneto and Trentino areas of Italy.

Skinny Prosecco



The perfect treat just with fewer calories – brilliant!

Deutz Brut Rose Champagne



What better way for super mums to celebrate than with a glass of fabulous pink champagne in hand.

Quinta do Noval Silval Vintage Port 2005



Not just one for the Dads – A superb vintage port, perfect to enjoy now.

Forest Gin, Premium London Gry Gin



This award winning gin is hand-crafted in small batches and is made with organic certified botanicals foraged from Macclesfield Forest.

What’s more, we offer a range of gift boxing options to really add a touch of luxury. We hand wrap all gifts and can include a personalised gift card. Then we deliver them straight to your door (or your mum’s if that’s easier).

To be sure your gift arrives in time we recommend ordering by noon on the 23rd March 2017.

It really couldn’t be easier to treat your mum to something special this mother’s day!

If you would like any more help, please be sure to email, tweet or link to us on facebook and our helpful team of wine experts will be sure to point you in the right direction.