Number of British Wine Producers at 20 Year High

Global warming is arguably the most serious threat we have ever faced as a species. But in the short term maybe the warmer British summers are helping to sustain growth in one of the most universally ridiculed pursuits; the UK wine industry.

Nearly 50 new wine producers registered with the taxman this year, bringing the total to 135. Many producers are looking to cash in on a booming sparkling wine trend which at around £550 million this year is 15% higher than last year.

Alcohol in the UK is big business, valued at around £38 billion in 2013 with around £17 billion going to HMRC in excise duty and VAT.

Hopefully English Wine Week will be even better next year as a result! Its the last week of May 2015, don’t miss it!

If you have a favourite english sparkling wine we’d love to know what it is, comment or contact us.

Full story in The Guardian.

Featured image is “Vineyard at Wyken Hall – – 216836” by Bob Jones – From Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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