Forget About White Wine Sending Women Loopy! Does It Even Actually Exist?

Does white wine send women loopy? Does it even exist? It’s not an existential question, this is a wine blog after all!

The commonly held belief is that red and white wine grapes are fundamentally different because white wine grapes lack the pigment that turns red wine grapes red.

However, an article in New Scientist seems to refute this. It turns out that white wine grapes do contain the same pigments in red wine grapes, anthocyanins, just in far lower concentrations.

This explains why some bottles that are intended to be white wine, can actually come out with a tint of rosé.

So, if white wine grapes are just red wine grapes with lower concentrations of anthocyanins, do we really only have red wine grapes? Do we only really have wine grapes? Does white wine even exist?! Thats as much pondering on that subject as we are prepared to do.

Turning to the bigger story of late, the Daily Mail’s story that white wine turns women crazy! The Telegraph has a more balanced approach, as you might expect, to addressing this particular urban legend.

Decide for yourself, but know this, if white wine does send you (or anyone you know regardless of gender) crazy then its highly probable red wine would also have the same effect!

Image is “White Wine” by Quinn Dombrowski is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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