Crazy For Cabernet? Chile Has The Goods

Let’s start off with a bold statement:

“Our Undurraga T.H. Pirque Alto Maipo 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon is excellent”

even if we do say so ourselves. It scored 18/20 in Decanter Magazine’s March edition. At the same time it lives in the £12-15 price bracket, it is incredibly good value.

Every time we crack open a bottle of Undurraga we are blown away by the combination of fruit and spice balanced beautifully with a graceful body. It is undoubtably one of our favourite wines.

However… why is it that people typically don’t open a bottle of Chilean Cabernet for a special occasion?


Chile is a country with a long and proud history of wine making in general, and Cabernet in particular. Cabernet vines have been grown in Chile since the 1850s making up just under a third of the 130,000 hectares of vineyards in the country.

It must be incredibly galling to the Chilean wine industry that its products do not demand higher prices abroad. For example, if you were looking for an equivalent vintage Bordeaux you would pay at least ten times as much as you would for a Chilean Cab.

However, their loss is our gain. Red wines coming out of Chile have never been better or more popular.

Whilst the producers are struggling to raise the price point on their wines, take the plunge, grab yourself a bargain and crack open a Chilean Cab on a special occasion. We are willing to bet, neither you nor anyone else enjoying your wine, will be disappointed!

If you are interested in our cab, it’s available here.


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