Hooray for Dryathlon!


Don’t worry, we’re still in the business of selling fine wines and we haven’t lost our minds.

December is a busy time with Christmas parties, lunches and new year. By the time 1st January comes round, it’s no wonder that people want a break from all of the season’s indulgences. So what better way to kick start the new year and those healthy resolutions than by giving up alcohol for January. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to raise money for charity with many people getting friends, family and colleagues to sponsor their olympic efforts.

Furthermore, reducing your alcohol intake is medically recommended. The chief medical officer for England, Dame Sally Davies, is set to announce new guidelines covering the intake of alcohol. Reports have suggested that the new guidelines will recommend abstaining from alcohol for at least 2 days a week and that the daily maximum intake for alcohol will be the same for men and women.

So, why you ask are we celebrating people reducing their alcohol intake?

Well reducing is not prohibition. We believe that while it’s perfectly proper to reduce your alcohol intake, one can still enjoy a tipple. What’s more, when you’ve hit the gym hard, achieved a personal best or given up alcohol for a whole month, we think you deserve something really special. Cheap wine is all well and good, but if you are going to drink less, you might as well drink quality. Which is where we come in. At Charles Rose Wines, we do all the hard work to carefully select the best fine wines and spirits for your enjoyment and then we deliver them straight to your door.

So we’ll say it again – Hooray for Dryathlon! (but roll on 1st February!)

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