Anyone want to join a wine club?

A new private members’ club is set to open in Pall Mall this summer. But this is not just any private members’ club; this is a wine lover’s paradise.

Set over 3 floors in a Grade II listed former bank, 67 Pall Mall is set to be a “candy shop for wine lovers”. With six sommeliers, hundreds of fine wines by the glass and 5,000 wines by the bottle, wine lovers will have their work cut out choosing where to start. Which is why the wine lists can be perused on iPads. The club also houses a members’ lounge, a wine shop, a wine storage facility and a 12-seater private dining room. Sounds fantastic.

The only downside to enjoying all of this “candy” – the fees. To be a member one has to part company with a one off joining fee of £1,000 (or £500 for those under 27) and the annual membership rate of £1,000. It is said that over 1,000 wine lovers have already joined the club and the remaining 200 places are likely to disappear fast.

If however, you don’t live in London, are aged over 27 and don’t have £1,000 to join and £1,000 per year to stay a member – perhaps you might like to check out our fantastic range of reasonably priced fine wines.

Image is “Wiens Winery” by miheco is licensed under CC BY 2.0

How much wine do I need for a party?

It can be difficult to know how much wine to buy for a party. While you know your guests better than anyone, it can be hard to guess how much people will drink, whether they prefer beer or wine, how long the party will last etc etc.

However, with a few simple rules, it is possible to devise a good estimate.

As a general rule, when offering wine and beer, it’s usual that around 60% of guests will consume wine and 40% beer. Obviously, if your crowd is under 20 or consists of the local rugby team, you may want to buy in more beer than wine.

As to the split between red and white wine, this is very much down to the guests attending. If you do not know people’s preferences then assume a 50/50 split. If you are hosting a summertime party, then more white wine is probably a safe bet (say 60-70% white).

A standard 750ml bottle of wine contains just over 4 small servings (175ml). If however, you are a more generous host (or have rather large wine glasses as we do!) it is more likely that you will only get 3 glasses from a standard bottle. For that extra flourish of style, remember to decant your wine!

As a usual rule, allow 1 drink per guest per hour. If guests are staying overnight or have pre-arranged transportation home you might want to increase this to 2 drinks per hour. If you are hosting a dinner party, bear in mind that people are likely to drink more with food and so allow at least 2 drinks per hour.

Most people will drink less in the afternoon than in the evening, but it is sensible to be generous with your estimate so you don’t run out.

A 750ml bottle of Champagne will usually yield 5 generous flute glass servings. If you are serving a large party all at once (for example, as a toast), you might want to consider buying a larger bottle of champagne – such as a Magnum or Jeroboam. If you intend to serve champagne over the course of a party, we would recommend purchasing multiple standard bottles to retain the bubbles and to avoid waste.

If you would like more information or help choosing wine for a party, please get in touch!

Image is “Wine Bottles” by Anders Henrikson  is licensed under CC BY 2.0