A Wine For The Pregnant?

Alcohol-free wines are a mixed bunch. So when we noticed this article titled “There’s now a ‘wine’ for pregnant women” we were naturally curious.

9Months is a company based in Carolina in the US. It is essentially bottling South Australian grape juice and adding carbonation to produce a sparkling… err… let’s call it juice, as wine is usually defined as an alcoholic drink.

The grapes are immediately frozen after picking to prevent fermentation. It’s intended to be a premium product priced at $16.50.

On the surface this seems like a great idea. Take grapes that would have been used for wine, don’t let them ferment, turn them into a wine-like drink but without the alcohol. Hey presto, a wine alternative for people who don’t drink and for expecting mothers.

It’s a fantastic idea, so good in fact that it’s already been done, by Shloer of course. We have lots of friends that don’t drink either through choice or according to religious beliefs. Accordingly, when the Charles Rose Wines team is entertaining, we serve a variety of soft drinks including Shloer.

Shloer is named after Jules Shloer who supposedly invented the original recipe, and much to our surprise, it seems this seemingly ubiquitous beverage never made it out of the UK to the US.

All this means that if you want a sparkling grape juice drink, then in the UK you can get one for £2, but an equivalent, albeit perhaps higher quality version in the US will cost you a tenner.

Surely the US already has grape juice drinks? Surely? Anyone?

We’ll stop now before we sound like a Shloer marketing partner! Image is of our sole remaining bottle purchased (not given to us by Shloer before you ask) some time ago at a popular supermarket.

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